Hectic Days in the Office II

A lot of my friends didn’t believe how serious i am that i have a lot of work load in my office, even though i already post Hectic Days in the Office. To proof to my friends that i’m really busy, i again took pictures to show how serious i am.

they become so concentrated when i was saying this is for documentation to show how busy our office are. they’re concentrating on the recent DVD that we bought yesterday before :D . This is work office hour men! so concentrate when u’re watching the movie and stop fooling around.

But not far from there, there is a GIRL who sit on my chair, OMG, i don’t like someone to sit in my chair without my permission and worse, she was ripping off my real genuine authenticated mp3 formatted songs!!

Even though it’s quite irritating, i don’t mind what she was doing, it’s all in days work. Oh yeah i took picture of my self while i was doing weekly report for my development directorate with my reporting specialist(i forgot what the position is but it is so fu**in important :D )

man, i was so so busy, i couldn’t concentrate to my writing while this pic was taken.
u could see the intensity of me in this work, …damn i look good in that laptop. :P

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3 thoughts on “Hectic Days in the Office II”

  1. beng,itu laptop2-an yg harga 100rb-an yaa??eh,eh,tambah gendut ajeee…gue dong kurusan abis sakit.makanya sakit dulu kalo mau kurus.halaaahh

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