Dark Room: Like VI in Windows minus humongous Feature

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After reading the latest Dosh Dosh article about useful app for writing. he recommend using Darkroom as text editor because the simplicity of the interface that the apps offer. I read about the apps before in Write to Done article from Leo Babauta and right now seems to be the right time to try it.

Darkroom in my first trial, i found it really useful to stay focus on writing because of the dark background. I really like the experience of using it because it reminded me one of linux editor VI that i favor, but on one notice that there’s a minus on its humongous feature in Darkroom aside from VI, i don’t really mind about it, because in windows i never use any of its feature anyway.

Screen shot while writing this article

The program seems lightweight on system resources and uses .NET to run. Well if there’s a wish list for its feature, i wish there’s a spell check like in Firefox or Winword.

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One thought on “Dark Room: Like VI in Windows minus humongous Feature”

  1. I m going to use darkroom & will share my experience soon.I want to how i feel writing some thing on a dark background .

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