Can I Be More Optimize?

On March 20th, my website were down for about 4 hour and on March 27 too at 11.00 PM, The are two reason why it’s down, 1. I’m hosting in a crappy place where’s the customer service were suck! and 2. My website aren’t optimize yet to handle a lot of connection. Because of this incident i need to optimize it too lessen the access time to the database and to improve the access time for my reader.

In my quest to optimize my web, there are couple of things that i did to improve my website:

  1. I had lessen the amount of posting appear in the index of my website. In the beginning i had 10 post that appear in the index of my website but now i limit it to 5 post per-page. There’s a couple of reason that i had done this:
    • To shorten the access time in my database(even thought it’s only 0.00x second).
    • There’s a lot picture in most of my writing, therefore less pic means faster access to my website.
    • This is for the ads. by lessen the post means they have to navigate more to see more of your website. By doing this the ads will appear more often. Google ads can predict better guess to a specific post. but doesn’t make readers click too much, just at a reasonable tension.
  2. Optimize Pic, and then i read the Coding Horror articles.. i stop doing it my way….

After searching in i read two blog that enlighten me about web optimizing the Engtech and Coding Horror Blog. i stop doing it my own way and doing the Coding Horror way and i thought why didn’t i think of that, many of his articles are a tremendous helping, if i explain it to u, it will do u no justice, i think u better read it yourself, these are the one that are really helpful to me…

both of these writing link to a lot of usefull stuff.

I’ll Update later for this writing, because of the no.1 reason why my site are down, i don’t have a lot of access to change the setting for my hosting service, it’s quite sucks u know… but this is what i already has done:

  • Using Feed Burner is The Best choice for your feed, it’s saved up to almost 60% of your bandwidth capacity.
  • Not Storing Image in my hosting (image took 58.5 % my bandwidth capacity this month only!), right now my choice is between flickr and tinypic because of the free Bandwidths, but I’ll goes with flickr because of the popularity.

So the question is can i be more optimize? off course i can, but right know i don’t have the resource to be really optimize yet, but nevertheless there’s always a room a freebies like me :D and any suggestion are welcome :)

Update 22 April 2007:
I Stop Using Flickr for storing my image, after i read the TOS comprehensively, they only shown the last 200 of your photo, if u want to see more, u had to pay. I Change to Picasa Google, because it can save up to 500 image or 1Gig of photo, even though it’s not sleek as flickr with a lot of features but easy enough to use if download the picas desktop version.

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