a week goes by

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a few days ago i had a fever and took the day off from the office, even thought i’m not in a good conditions, my mind still wander around what task should i do next…

This week what i have accomplished is, I completed an educational book script for children about web messenger for educational children’s book script with IT theme competition, my position in making the book is not as a full writer but rather as an editor, a manager and a conceptor.

The draft of the writing is finished about two weeks ago, a week before deadline. Then i edit the draft in a couple of days for error correction (the book is in Indonesian language), repaired the flow of the story, make the illustration concept for the story and being an intermediate between the writer and the illustrator.

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The challenges that i get from this book competition event is, First The procrastination in starting the book. I want to start the writing from December last year! but alas, i haven’t have the time to manage the writer and the illustrator, i have a lot of tasks in hand and have to go out of town twice for assignment from the office. But i’ve manage to speed up the process about a month before deadline.

The second challenge and yet i’m still learning to improve is the communication between the writer and the illustrator. When i’m alone with one of them, they speak clearly about the intention of the story and what they want to the illustration. But when they meet up, suddenly the topic never came up, there’s chit-chat about it but never got to the point of it, so in the end i make the decision. They seems to be unsatisfied with my decision but i’ll work on that later on my next project.

The third challenge is making the content of the book readable for kids, at first i was the writer position in the project but after 20 pages, i felt my writing is not readable for children :D. Well i know it after spreading the writing to one kid and one grown-up. They say my writing is easy to read but it’s too hard for young lings. So i studied from a couple of children’s books and see that the knowledge is more acceptable for the kids if the flow of the story is narrative, rather than detailed and long explanation. Seeing my wife has more experience in handling kids (she had four niece), so i delegate the writing position to my wife. and i found it to be a great decision, she had the story flow more fluently and understandably.

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The process of writing took us a month to finish and took a week to fill it with illustration, i even took a leave from the office for two days just to finish it. The book after completion have 42 page (the maximum pages in the rule of the competition is 65) with 25 illustration.

After finished with the book. the next day in the office I updated my other website intensively and while updating it, i notice something strange on my file server (Snap server) in my office… oms! the data of 6 division in this building is gone, a 5 years of data vanished to thin air. This is like the worst scenario i’ve ever met, i never thought it would occurred, because the server itself considered new (15month), so i never think to back it up. but that’s office stuff, my boss and I manage to handle it in the end (even though i get a high fever after it).

What i regret is i always seems to forget in updating my website this last two weeks, i even forgot that i promote in sharing for WP Designer Themes Club Giveaways Account. I hope SP still sharing it this times, cause i forgot to ask for the free accounts.

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