unique gift from my friend

Couple days ago i was cleaning my room, i stumble a gift from my beloved friends in college, from all of my craziest days in my college years and all of my friends, this gift was so unique that make smile every time i saw it. i dont understand why she gave me this gift, it’s kind of stupid actually, the last time i get strange gift is when i was in my mid high school, i get a toothpaste as farewell gift. i though that was strange but the gift that i get from my college friends always made me smile when i was alone in my room.
ini Sisir Biru dari Popie
after checking in the flee market this comb cost around Rp.1500 or around US$20 cent.

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6 thoughts on “unique gift from my friend”

  1. si popi :D trus lucunya dia kasih komentar salah blog lg, kasian, jd sama lah standar sosiologi, bukan harga dari barangnya itu tp verstehen-nya, pemaknaannya

  2. I’m a lawyer!! Oh wait… No, no I dreamed that. Sorry, false alarm. Even in the dream, I was a horrible lawyer.But seriously, stay safe, mysterio-blogger, whoever you are. Remember that your cause is worthy, but if ones health is in jeopardy, there is no shame in leaving it to the young bucks for a bit. I’m not saying anyone should be quiet, just safe and alive.

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