Sometimes U Just Doesn’t Notice

Having a digicam (not so new, i bought it last year) brings new meaning of life for me, rather than finding an interesting object to shoot. I shoot everyday activity.

What makes me happy is that i start noticing my surrounding, the place what i considered is pretty ugly, is different in a new way, my everyday activity felt more adventurous every time i go to to the office with my friends (we rides a motorcycle).

Even the street where i grow-up looks great, look different.

This where i park my car

It makes me appreciate small things in life. Sometimes you need to look carefully to what is given to you to be more grateful to what you have.

if the picture u see isn’t beautiful for u, maybe it’s just me being sentimental :) and maybe because my camera was just Canon PowerShot A530 5MP :P

nonetheless, i know i still had a lot to learn in photography, one of the site that i think provide great value for newbie learning is Lorelle and Brent VanFossen camera on the road

I think i’m going to buy an DSLR camera with a live view (LCD Preview), what i had in mind is Olympus Evolt E510 10MP

or a semi SLR like Canon PowerShot G9 12.1MP
But judging by its price, i may buy it in couple month ahead, i need to save money first.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes U Just Doesn’t Notice”

  1. wasailing :P bener yah! aku mo beli yg olympus tp katanya suku cadangnya mahal klo rusak ama white balancenya kurang bgs

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