It’s Been a Hell of a Week

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This have been a rough week for me, My computer is infected with “Virus Heat” spyware/mallware last week. This incident really struck me, because why in the hell my PC can get that? I always play save when it comes to browsing the web. I use Firefox and regularly filter my cookies, I use comodo firewall (which is the best firewall I think) to filter all the traffic in my pc (every one of them), My HDD was divided to 3 partition and use one of them only for surfing & downloading, last but not least once a month I check for invisible root kit.

Unfortunately I have one flaw that I didn’t take into matters, I’m not the only one using my PC. My beloved wife used my PC too. That’s a great flaw I tell u, The Spyware only need one click from the Pop-up warning, and puff! 8mb application is installed on my PC. there are actually two option, “OK” and “Cancel” when the pop-up warning appear BUT the effect is the same, She click the “Cancel” Button and the Spyware installed instantaneously.

Uncle Google
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Thanks GOD that my PC are already installed with Super Useful Small Apps, I had it fix only in a couple of days (I could do it in a couple of hours but i have a hectic schedule this week). At first I used AVG spyware & antirootkit, and they caught it BUT the evil thing still appear in my PC. Then I use Starter to clean-up the start-up and use Process Explorer to search what process that still on, it’s useless the spyware still exist. So i ask uncle google to fix it and came up that i need to remove some DLL. After that, i just use 3 tiny freeware to fix it. The First one is Unlocker, Hijackthis and last but not least classic Regcleaner. With unlocker i just delete two folder that’s connected with the spyware (Netproject, Virus Heat and the other one i forgot), then i just fix the dll with trendmicro hijackthis and in the end to clean up the mess i use regcleaner to delete the registry.
Now, just to be more safe in browsing i use NoScript in my Firefox. The thing that i love about it, it’s works like adblock plus but more control in it.

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