I Felt Challenged

I’m not promoting or something, i just want to tell u about the challenged that i felt from reading their forum.

I just realize two weeks ago that i had Shareapic account since last year, Shareapic is a website that pays you whenever you shared pictures, it’s about $0.22 every 1000 Image views. it would be stupid of me to not to used it. i think this the most effective way for me to make a side income (just upload pictures and wait till its get published into Public Galleries, no brains included :D ).

The first three days of uploading (only 2 galleries, around 10-15 pictures each), i make around 150 imageviews. I get a couple of cents, not bad just for uploading photos i think. But at the moment i’m trying to gained as much as possible imageviews for my new website and Shareapic galleries.

The process it’s simple like this, You compiled a nice set of pictures that you like or any pictures at all, then you named a gallery for the set and you upload all of the selected pictures. The galleries then can be viewed and spread around the web through the generated thumbnail that they’ve created. one click of the thumbnail will lead to the original pictures size in the Shareapic website and counted as one image views.

There are 2 ways the image views can be obtained, 1st by spreading the thumbnail of the pictures that you’ve upload via website, blogs, forums and social networks. The 2nd one is by publishing it to the public galleries.

My Goal
pic by scottwills

Trying to maximize my imageviews i tried a couple of things, like telling my friends bout my galleries and asking my friends who had great collection of pictures to join in, but not that intense. While looking around at the Shareapic forum, i found somethings that change me, making me want to be more focus on producing more image views. Here it is from their forum

Post 3 million views!
Image views: 3008628

Always got paid Smile Thanks, Jordan and Daniel!

from Shareapic Forum

i’m thinking “wtf!”, where did he gets that kind of imageviews?? if he can get that kind of imageviews, why can’t i? it’s just uploading pictures. From that moment on i felt challenged. My intention next month (March) is going to get that kind of imageviews, even pass it.

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