HP DLG350 G5 Server for Office Application

How envy of me every time i see that 24 Inch LCD that others bloggers have :(
Like the ones that Jeff Atwood from coding horror, he had three 24 inches LCDs

Coding Horror LCD

I only use 15 inch CRT Monitor in my office :(

But I do have something that makes me happy!! even though i have those CRT monitor :D
i use this baby for computing!!

It’s freakin fast! with only 4gigs ram (max out at 16gigs :P),
i could run virtually anything (in my small world of course)

A personal Review on this HP DLG350 G5 Server for Office use :P that this thing look good (every staff who enter my room ask me is that my PC :D).

It’s fast,but there’s a minor problem, strange things happens, even on this server, sometimes it couldn’t handle my Firefox portable. Its just crash off if i open more than 13 tabs. And one thing that i personally don’t like, its that u couldn’t use it too close to the server :P i have strange feeling on my chest(no kidding) :D maybe its the magnetic vibration. But who cares!!! as long as it fast!
Oh Joy!!

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