Either U Have It or U Don’t

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I read on Coding Horror about how expensive is DRM ignorance. What puzzled me is that he actually bought the same game content from XBOX Live for his XBOX 360 console at home because DRM issue from his XBOX console at work forbid him to move its content to his home console.

after reading it i understand that XBOX Content that he bought from console at work tied to two condition:

  1. The hardware signature of the Xbox 360 he purchased the content on
  2. The Xbox Live profile that he purchased the content with

I refused to learn furthermore on this concept, because if i understand fully to this concept it would put me differ from a common user/buyer.
this is a hard bitter fact for me, but the last thing that i get from DRM are
Either U Fool The System or The System Will Fool U!

i had no bad intention in any kind to Jeff Atwood upon his action, i merely stated my opinion, that i’m puzzled with the DRM concept of the XBOX. The concept In any kind of it, i think, force the user to use illegal action to get its rights.

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