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pic by selva

After three days reading dpreview, I still can’t make a decision on what kind of camera i should buy.
There’s a couple conditions that limit me in choosing a camera

  1. The Maximum Price Range is $900 to $1000 (That’s include the lens kit)
  2. The camera should handle Indoor Lighting well
  3. The Camera should have a good Noise Reduction when I use High ISO
  4. The Camera should have a nice “out of the box” setting, so if i’m in a hurry i don’t need to set the camera too much
  5. Last but not least, it should have a great after sales services

Seeing the conditions that limit me like “the nice out of the box” setting in buying a camera, i know i should just buy a pocket camera not an SLR.

pic by selva

At first i was thinking in buying a SLR-like Canon G9 camera or an SLR Olympus E-510. but i want to review again on my choice.
For a couple of days now i read all the review from dpreview on non SLR camera and i notice a couple cameras that fits to my conditions. The ones that i particularly like is Canon G9, Fujifilm Finepix F50fd and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K.

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I was peeking Canon G9 for along time, because my friends own Canon G7 and the result pictures are great. But there’s a negative voice on the dpreview about it couldn’t handle High ISO really well. That means i have to manually set for night lighting environment, and that the one that i was hoping to avoid.

Click for a larger view (1024×768)

For FujiFinepix F50d is highly recommended by dpreview, but i have doubt on myself because seeing the sample pictures compared with the older Finepix F31d, it look strange in variety ISO Setting.

Click for a larger view (1024×768)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8
had enormous zoom capability (12X!!!) and based on the pictures samples that provided from dpreview, it look great but at night mode the noise looks plaguing. but i’m sure there’s nothing that a photoshop can’t do, as long as it look sharp and repairable.

For all i know i’m still considering an SLR like camera or SLR camera. It’s quite hard in choosing, considering i had limited budget (<$1000) for a long term plan. btw i'm still a newbie here on photography world, my choice is based on reading not experiencing it, but with the help of my friends who understands more, i'm hoping that i could get a good choice of camera. Trust
Pic by Tim Caynes

There’s some difficulty too when i’m asking my friends or relatives in choosing a good camera, Most of them are brand minded. But they do have common things on the topic, They dont other brands to compare, they only have a single brand cameras, some of them have more than one brands and that’s the one that i trust.

I think i’m going to look around on SLR thats fits with my budget.

all camera pictures are from dpreview.

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6 thoughts on “Choosing a Good One”

  1. In your case, any camera will do, probably start with something inexpensive (Canon A570IS) which also gives
    you manual controls to gain experience, then move up
    to an SLR later.
    The expensive SLR-like cameras are no
    better at noise reduction than the cheap point-and-shoots
    because they all use over-pixeled tiny-sensors, that’s why
    their body & lenses (and prices) are so small.

  2. mmm last year i bought Canon Powershot A530 and dissatisfied with the result (although my friends loves my work), I tried almost a year to learn a lot with it but the limitation of the camera itself forbid me from learning so far.

    And what makes my self really want an SLR camera is every time i open flickr page, i see a really beautiful pictures that takes my breath away, to me that is an art craft. i want to be able to create something like that. I know i really really have to learn a lot but i think this is my chance to learn it while i have the resources.

    There are two things on my mind when i’m planning to buy a new camera, first i must have friends with an experienced ones and i have to learn photoshop even more intense.

    thx for the kind advice

  3. Thx for the url, i’ll look furthermore on the choice of using G9. right now i’m still browsing around for a good yet affordable SLR. maybe i’ll post it in a next few days. What i had in mind is Canon 400D but the lens is so standard (from what i’ve read), so while looking for a camera, i also looks for a good lenses.

  4. My picture up there was taken with Sony Cybershot DSCW1. It’s terrible in low light, but it takes great pictures and was damn cheap – its a compact after all.

  5. My compact was great too ($140), from the time i bought it up until now i’ve taken around 5000+ pics :P so u could say that i’ve worn out with my compact :D there’s a lot of great moment that i miss because of the result was too blur or too dark. i’ve tried everything, with flash on, with ISO setting to 400 and a number of configuration. That’s why i want to try new things. Well if my saving isn’t enough to bought me an SLR i’ve considered to buy a compact like the ones on the post. btw, Great Pictures Tim!, I love the color combination and the place.

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