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Leica with Canon
Pic by takekazu

Looking for an entry class SLR gives me a quite headache :) The Body itself it’s cheap (from $450 to $800), but the following stuff that i need to buy, its amazes me. As a newbie i’d like to start with the body first.

Canon 450D Body & Design. click for a larger view

after a lot of readings i think the best SLR that suits me is Canon Digital Rebel XSI aka Canon 450D. But there are two issues that makes this a hard choice to make… The Release of this Product is April 15th (Based on Amazon) and the the other issue is, the body itself will cost around $800.

Well the first issue is I hate waiting, It’s basically two month from now until i can get my hands on the camera. All of the waiting could make loose my saving for buying the camera. i’m going to move to another place to live on april 1st. That could means unexpected expenses. but i’m positive that patience will benefit me in the end.

Do I need more readings in choosing? i think not, the camera sell itself with is features. it have the two main features that i need, a good ISO handling (my assumption is based Canon 400D review) and (at last) a live view. My first look was Olympus E-510, Nikon D40X and Canon 400D.

Nikon D40X Body & Design. click for a larger view

The Nikon D40X was cheap but there’s no built-in focus drive motor which means there’s no auto focus unless it uses lens with its own motor. Nevertheless this camera is still a nice choice, because i believe the after sales of the product in my place is great and i have many friends that used Nikon SLR.

Olympus E-510 Body & Design. click for a larger view

My doubt on Olympus E-510 is because i had virtually no friends that uses Olympus SLR and based on the pictures from flickr camera finder, i think the new Canon 450D (based on the 400D) is the best deal for me.

The Second Issue is the body itself will cost around 800 bucks! Well this could be a problem if i want to buy lenses. my choice is Tamron 28-75 or Canon 18-55IS. all i know Tamron cost around 300+ bucks, that means it’s passed my budget limit which is $900 and that leave me a choice of using the canon 18-55IS. If my calculation is right i still may exceed the budget limit, I still have to buy lens cover, Bags and 2Gigs of SD card, and that will push me up $50 more. The total budget that i need seeing this expenses is around $950. Let just hope that i don’t left anything out.

Pic by Victor Geere

There’s something funny about the people and the reading materials that helps me in choosing an SLR. My friends & relatives tells me to buy a Nikon brand for an SLR despite for whatever reason and for whatever type it is. but from what i’ve read and see, it’s like all over the world is using Canon!! i’m not joking here, based on Flickr camera finder, the number one brand is Canon Rebel XTi 400D followed with the 350D.

ps: all the photo design & specification of the camera comes from dpreview

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