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by stocks photography

After last month setting-up new themes for my site, i notice a hollow point in the flow of the design, i see that there’s not much a room to move with the design, so decided to change it to new themes this January following the spirit of change this month :)

Rather than re-invent the wheel, i intend to create wordpress child themes with a couple tweak on the core themes. I was interested in Vigilance themes since last December last year because of the simplicity and typography, so i use this theme for the site. But because of the nature of child theme force u that u could not change the core file of the themes, i couldn’t make the themes the way i want it, till the end i had to change the themes core file.

Here’s a screen shoot of the new design

here’s a link to view the old design.

The child theme that i create is called vigilante. I use the background from Dinpattern plus Featured Content plugins for the sidebar, i tweak the featured content plugins from showing a certain category to the latest post and rather than putting it in the front like common magazine themes i decided to put it on the sidebar.

Actually the design was not finished yet, because i want to change the header to a certain font but don’t want to use image, sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) was the the first thing in my mind and i found a great tutorial from Stefan Vervoort of divitodesign on how to implant sIFR3. For those who are new to sIFR, here’s a quote from divitodesign

sIFR is the “Healthy alternative to browser text”, regarding to the authors Mike Davidson and Mark Wubben. With sIFR it is possible to display fonts on the internet that doesn’t have to be installed on the computer of the user. sIFR creates more typography options for the web!

After a couple hours setting up and browse a hundred font in dafont, i made decision to postpone using sIFR :) i couldn’t find the right font for my name in the header. I dont know, i think i want to learn more about creating logo, i was intending to create business card for my wife anyway. oh yeah i forgot to tell, i also updated my about page and added contact me page :)

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