Re-design again :P

i had to change the old theme, because it look weird, i don’t know what it is, i just want to say that my last theme is weird without appropriate logo. So rather than waiting my friend to make me a logo (even though he promise me), i change it to a new theme.
the theme is fh freedom by Alex Sysoef, i had difficult time to change the css because there’s no license regarding this theme. but i change a bit to make it look better.
i just add a little touch on the background and voila :D a different look of the fh freedom theme. i know this theme from my friend from (thx Roys!).



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3 thoughts on “Re-design again :P”

  1. Hey Roys, i Just notice that Akismet Spam just block ur comment! Luckily i’ve check! Yeah i love this theme, it’s so simple :D i’ve ask the creator of the theme, he said it’s GPL (but there’s no license?) so i can change it whatever i like :D

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