Not the 1st Prize

Thats my place in joining logo competition. Last November my friends and I join a logo design competition for my company magazine. There are two most difficult task that i have to manage, the first one is managing the designer who create the logo and defining the philosophy of the logo.
As a newbie in managing human, i must admit, it is really hard. Even though we’ve been friends for almost 10 years its like he doesn’t get the urgency to create it as soon as possible so we can polish it more or redefine it. What i regret is that we didn’t create enough material to polish in grasping all the winning position.

The worst things is that we had the material ready a day before the deadline and i don’t enough time to criticize or to give suggestion. To make it even worst there’s one more material that was sent to me 1 hour before the deadline.
I’m not saying that his work isn’t great enough or he doesn’t give enough material. His work is great, he has great talent and a savvy taste in designing, it’s just he doesn’t respect the intention of teaming up and doesn’t understand that the prize we are going to get is going to be the fund of our next target. I’m not whining here, its the past and i learned my lesson. The crucial thing that i learn is to be more patient and i can’t rely on others too much. I must learn much more if i want to go freelancing in a couple month.

I get 2nd and 3rd place btw, If u think getting the second and third winner isn’t bad, let just say that we have only 30 competitor and none of them have designing background. We could make it better that what really hit me.
The second hurdle is defining the philosophy of the logo, with only couple days to make and with only scratch concept of the logo, its killing me that we had only little time to discuss it. Luckily i’ve been an avid reader of david airey so i’ve get a lot of help from his writing. Needless to say It teach me that i shouldn’t underestimate every process in designing, i should understand more by reading more and practicing more.

I couldn’t show the logo btw, it’s an internal company magazine :) in the next competition maybe.

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