Not Everyone Deserve an Adblock

It’s been a debate for long time whether Adblock Plus is appropriate or not to use while u’re browsing. In the user perspective, of course it’s the right of the user to use it because we deserve to browse without ads. But on the publisher hands or the owner of the websites it’s shows user have no good intention in using adblock while visiting her or his website, it’s unethical for long term, it’s basically kill the free stuff that the website offer. if u want to understand better on this topic u could read post on Nicholas Carr blog about “Adblock Plus: what would Jesus do?”.

In case u didn’t know, Adblock Plus is a firefox pluggins (add-ons or extensions u name it) which is very famous for its ability to block web advertising. It block almost all known ads, if the adblock doesn’t recognize it and don’t block, you can add ur own code and there’s wildcard code too ( * ) for easy implementing the code. To me it’s the best feature that Firefox had, its the first thing i need to install if i want to install fresh new firefox (the second one is stumble upon), it save me a lot of time and save my bandwidth capacity in browsing.

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Despite its lengthy benefit, after a long time using adblockplus i feel an awful felling coming to my favorite site. It’s like, when i come to your favorite website to look on useful resources, i get major benefits by reading, some of them even change my course of life point of view and yet i can’t give something back as a sign of grateful. I happens to be a web developer once, i know it’s hard to maintain a web site and provide good quality resource. So one of the way for me to respect the author of the website is by disabling adblockplus while browsing the website. and sometimes i do encourage myself to read the ads and click the ones that that interest me the most.

To disable adblock is by clicking the adblock plus toolbar on the upper right then click disable on the current site.

Disable adblock

This is a couple website from my private list that i disable adblock, because i really apreciate the quality of the content that the website provide.

  1. (this website inspires me a lot, basically provide the knowledge of writing to me)
  2. ( a great self development tutor)
  3. (my wife weblog)
  4. (great writing about freelancing)
  5. ( superb content on wallpaper and many things about army’s )
  6. (a self development web too)
  7. (a local blog that teach a lot on many topics)
  8. ( a great teacher of many things too)
  9. and many more

and the list goes on. So support your favorite website by disabling Adblockplus :D

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3 thoughts on “Not Everyone Deserve an Adblock”

  1. why? you have a great website and i’m sure you’ll have even greater pageviews in long term, putting an ads isn’t going to burden your server anyway i think. It’s a nothing to loose bet if you’re putting an ads on your web.

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