Mybook Premium Edition II Review

My division last month just bought 3 piece of Mybook Premium Edition II 1Tera. I’m really excited when i got one of these Hard disk, Its 1 Tera (1024 Giga) for god sakes!! It could fill all of my hdd songs and movies :D

after a month of using it, i find it very usefull if u want to back up your data but the lack of driver make it hard to be portable.

XP doesn’t recognize this as a portable device (as it’s said on the manual that this is not a portable hard disk) so i have to install the driver first. it’s quite annoying have to install the driver every time i brought mybook to friends house and couldn’t use it because i forgot to bring the driver.

With concept magazine

to make it short here a list of the positive and negative things after a month using Mybook Premium Edition II. the negative things are:

  • Not handy like the pictures on ads!! just like an oxford dictionary
  • Heavy around 5 kg or 11 pounds
  • Slow to copy and read, some time needs around 2-3 second if we trying to access it after idle a while
  • Needs driver to use
  • Can’t be used on linux or mac(i haven’t test on mac)
  • It needs around 1 to 2 hours to copy 130Gigs of mp3
  • It’s heavy for god sake!!!
  • U can’t auto back-up using network drive
  • The premium edition comes worth a hefty price around 399 USD

The Positive things are

  • 1 Tera!!! after a month plundering my friends PC trying to fill mybook, i only manage to fill 261 Gigs of data
  • Great Software, its have a back-up software with increment setting(update only new files)
  • Have i said it’s 1Tera, it’s huuggeee, around 1024 Gigs.
  • yup that’s it, just that, nothin more, zip, nada.

Even though there’s a lot of negative thing in using, believe me 1Tera its big and compared with other portable devices it’s only a slight performance differences.

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2 thoughts on “Mybook Premium Edition II Review”

  1. Wow !! 1 terabyte is lot of space.. by the look of ur drive i thought i was seeing a speaker set or something ..But i envy you guys .. in india the max amount of space that we get in a portable drive is 500 gb… costs you around 200 $ or something ..

  2. i forgot to tell u, that the price is not a consideration of mine, the price of this premium pro II around 399 USD, it’s too expensive for me, but i get it free from my office :D there’s 1 tera too in wdc website that’s a lot cheaper.

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