How to Create a Slogan in a sec!

pic by Paula Wirth

Damn! this Website is good :D

After reading that Small Potato is looking a slogan for the $5 themes club, i just search it using Stumble Upon and Found the Sloganizer!!
I had fun using it, this site produce slogan instantly with the keyword that you’ve inserted
it’s like but only slogan :)
this is what i get using “$5 Wpdesigner Themes Club” keyword

  • Get me my $5 Wpdesigner Themes Club
  • $5 Wpdesigner Themes Club is forever
  • Get me my $5 Wpdesigner Themes Club
  • $5 Wpdesigner Themes Club, your family will love you
  • Halleluja, it’s a $5 Wpdesigner Themes Club.

There’s a widget too, This is the random widget slogan from sloganizer

generated by

U know what is my favorite slogan is ??

Incredibles! :D

My favorite photo search with cc license Yotophoto is down for almost a week now, this is bad, i hope it’ll be up soon, if not i had to use flickr search again

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