Heavenly Chocolate

Yup this is why i love being grown ups!!
I can eat whatever I want and Any combination that I want.

Last November 2007 i found this delicious snack, i mean really really and its cheap too. its only me cost 800 rupiah a piece, around 1 $US. This heavenly snack its called “Gerry Chocolatos” !! in my small world this is the fastest chocolate snack i can get if my sudden crave for chocolate happens. I bought almost 11 boxes since then…

But not long after that i have this really really really great idea! ( have i said really enough :D ) why dont i combine these heavenly snack with other my other heavenly chocolate product :D

ta da!!! behold the greatest combination of happiness in home while watching Startrek season 1 to season 4 last December :) Oh joy, the secret ingredient is very simple my friend! Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate Snack, the total cost for this drink is only 50 cent!
just one personal note before u have this kind drink, U will fell guilty :P

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